Pick the best produce and do the right thing… When you pick Red Tomato, you’re choosing the freshest fruits and vegetables from trusted local and regional farmers—while helping to build a more sustainable food system and a better future. Together, we are righteous produce!

About Eco Apple

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For those who grew up eating apples right from the tree, certified apples will bring those memories rushing back!

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Summit on Fire Blight and Scab

Marc Trapman

Red Tomato is hosting a session on New Technology in Apple Scab and Fire Blight Management in the Northeast on March 14th. Join us as we welcome international and regional experts to learn of recent advances!

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Rozyne on Healthy, Green, Fair, Affordable Food: Can We Have it All

Michael Rozyne, Bowdoin class of 1978, visited Bowdoin recently to share his story and experience growing two social venture food businesses — Equal Exchange and Red Tomato.

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