Eco Apple

For all of us who grew up eating apples right from the tree, apples from a certified Eco AppleTM orchard will bring those memories rushing back. Eco growers have all the wisdom and expertise we’ve come to expect from family farms. How does generations of expertise taste? Truly exceptional.

Pollinators and beneficial insects along with soil and air quality are top priorities for every grower in the Eco network. Orchards are certified annually by the IPM Institute of North America and the production protocols are rigorously reviewed by scientists and fruit growers annually.

Our growers offer an extensive array of apple varieties from all over the Northeast.  One of our great pleasures is reuniting people with long-lost varieties from their past. Looking for flavor that rivals that long-lost childhood apple tree? Check out all the varieties of standard favorites and heirloom apples our network of Eco Apple growers offer.

All of Red Tomato’s apple growers participate in the Eco Apple program and protocol. Depending on conditions, not all orchards are certified every year. Orchards certified this season are shown to the right. Only fruit from certified orchards is marketed under the Eco label.