Beekman Orchards

Beekman Orchards is a 4th generation farm, growing apples, peaches, nectarines, and wine grapes for over 70 years, in the beautiful Pennsylvania foothills just north of Philadelphia. 

Calvin Beekman hopes this will one day be a century farm for their family. His sons and daughter are also part of the farm, and interested in learning the operation. His dad, who is in his 70s, still says “Every day I walk out the door and feel lucky that I can do what I like doing most.” That says it all, as far as he’s concerned.

Part of what keeps the Beekman’s farming is a love of being outside, growing something that starts as a blossom and goes all the way to finished fruit. They have been using eco-friendly methods for at least twenty years. To Calvin, being good stewards of the earth means you have to be at the forefront, keeping up with the newest methods.

“There’s also a little bit of peaceful country in it, although it has its ups and downs,” he says with a laugh.

Calvin sees value in being part of a network like Red Tomato. “We can grow fruit, that’s not a problem. Marketing it is the biggest hurdle: getting it to the public with enough value to support the extra costs and care.”