J. Glebocki Farms

The Glebocki family has been farming the black dirt of Orange County, NY, for five generations. The farm began in 1894 with the purpose of feeding Joseph Glebocki’s family. Today it’s a 120 acres mixed vegetable operation run by John Glebocki, the great-great grandson of Joseph. John is joined on the farm by his wife Debbie and daughters Kaitlyn and Sylvia. They grow around 150 different products ranging from more typical vegetables like lettuce and potatoes to the less common ones like okra and sorrel.

John has been around the farm his entire life, growing up on his family’s wholesale onion operation. The black dirt of Orange County is known for producing the best onions in the Northeast. The dirt is rich in organic matter and sulfur as a result of glacial bog deposit. John describes it this way: “it’s like a big clay bowl holding water and we’re just sitting on top of the peat.” Glebocki has continued the tradition of growing onions, offering seven different varieties on his farm, including cippolinis and shallots. While onions may be rooted in tradition, John’s favorite crop to grow is carrots. They grow carrots of all colors from the intensely sweet yellow carrots to vibrant purple ones to the more commonplace orange carrots. Whatever color they may be, John takes pride in the fact that his carrots, along with everything else he grows, are held to the highest standard.

J. Glebocki Farms has been a part of the Orange County community for well over a century and John feels it is important for him to give back. Each year the farm donates amounts of produce almost equal to the amount they sell to local food pantries to ensure that people of all backgrounds can enjoy the vegetables John loves so much. It is this love and the pride he has in his operation that keeps him farming. “The best part of farming,” says John, “is owning your business through the good and the bad. And, well, I like driving the tractors too.”