Kiwi Korners

Dave Jackson and Holly Laubach, of Danville, PA’s Kiwi Korners, may be the world’s greatest advocates for the Northern kiwi berry. Kiwi Korners, founded in 1988, is the largest producer of this rare fruit in the United States and the only certified organic producer worldwide.

Dave Jackson, a former rock and roll drummer, is an expert on this unusual fruit.  A lifetime lover of plants, Dave sees the kiwi fruit as his chance to fulfill a lifelong dream to create something different and exciting with his own two hands and share it with the world. Dave dedicates his time on the farm to the development, growth, and marketing of kiwi berries. Holly joined David in 1990.  When she isn’t working for the American Red Cross as a local Disaster Services/Preparedness Coordinator, you can find her in the kiwi arbor managing statistical data, research, distribution, and marketing.

Together, the team can boast many firsts in the small and exotic world of growing tropical delights in the Northeast.  Kiwi Korners was the first to market the hardy Northern kiwi under the increasingly popular name “kiwi berry.” Dave also developed the tremendously popular variety “Passion Popper”, which often sells out for the season before the crop is picked.  A second variety, Aloha Anna, is a close second for devoted fans of the berries. Being the only kiwi berry organic grower in the world means that Dave is always pioneering something new to make sure his crop thrives through the season.  “We’ve learned almost everything by trial and error.”  A stroll through Kiwi Korners will reveal rows upon rows of raised beds, to help with carbon input and pest management and an electric windmill to help keep air temperatures consistent.

When you ask Dave what drives the constant innovation at Kiwi Korners he explains: “I’ve always been on a quest for genuinely originality.  When I decided to farm, I wanted to grow something different and exciting and the kiwi berry seemed to fit the bill.  Since then, my mission has been to seek out the absolute best varieties of hardy kiwi and offer people a highly nutritious and outrageously great tasting treat.”