Landisville Produce Co-operative

The Landisville Co-operative in Landisville, NJ is a new Red Tomato partner that is helping strengthen and diversify product availability in our southern tier (NY, NJ, PA). Just like Red Tomato, the co-op specializes in the highest quality fruits and vegetables that their local farms have to offer. Owned 100% by more than 40 New Jersey farmers, Landisville offers a wide range of fresh produce for every market: “5 packages to 5,000, no order is too small or too large for our team to handle,” explains manager Felix Donato.

In order to compete in New Jersey, with some very large players in the market, Landisville focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. “With our growers, quality comes first; with our sales team, customer satisfaction comes first. What the customer gets is timely deliveries, outstanding product, and a produce partner you can count on,” Felix says proudly. This legacy of quality and reliability is the reason the co-op has been in business since 1914. It may not be the biggest but the Landisville Co-operative is the oldest produce co-operative in the country.