Maugeri Farms

Maugeri Farms, of Woolwich Township, NJ, is run by Sam and Joe Jr. The Maugeri brothers cultivate over 600 acres in and around the Oldmans Creek area, carrying on a legacy that started over 90 years ago. In 1922, Salvatore “Sam” Maugeri came to America with his wife Alfia from Catania, Sicily. They worked long hours in the summers picking crops in the fields as farm laborers and eventually became sharecroppers with another established farmer. Finally, they saved enough money to buy their own farm. In 1928 the Maugeris settled on a beautiful farm nestled on the banks of the Oldmans Creek – a basin which has long been known for producing the sweetest and most flavorful produce in the area.

Salvatore farmed successfully for many years before his son Joe took over the farm. With the help of his wife, Anna, Joe Sr. built a prosperous business, purchasing another farm on Oldmans Creek Road where he and Anna lived, worked, and raised their family. This second property eventually became the hub of Maugeri Farms. In time, the torch was passed again and the third generation, Joe Jr. and Sam Maugeri took the reins.

Today, the Maugeri brothers grow asparagus, zucchini, summer squash, field and plum tomatoes, bell peppers, and melons to wholesale distributors and markets, as well as many roadside markets from Pennsylvania, to the Jersey Shore, to far North Jersey. From its humble beginnings, through three generations and 8 decades of family farming, one overriding principle has been the cornerstone of the farm’s success: an unwavering commitment to providing customers with the absolute freshest, and highest quality produce available. According to Joe, quality is always first whether it be a new vegetable crop or marketing strategy: “We bring the same dedication to our new ventures [that we do to growing quality produce] and will continue to hold ourselves to those high standards in the future.”

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