Pleasant Valley Gardens

Maybe it was fate. Maybe Richard Bonanno always knew that, somehow, he’d end up back at Pleasant Valley Gardens in Methuen, the family farm that his great-grandfather had started upon arrival from Italy in 1910. His studies would take him from Cornell University to Oregon State and, finally, to North Carolina State and a tenured position at that prestigious school. A Ph.D. in Weed Science made him one of the most sought after agricultural specialists in the country. It also taught him new ways to think about his own family’s farm. So when he learned one day that his uncle wanted to sell his share of Pleasant Valley, Richard never looked back.

Today, Richard Bonanno is using all he’s learned to grow some of New England’s best lettuce, summer squash, zucchini, and peppers. Everything he does is the result of applied knowledge. How he plants. How he waters. How he harvests. Even down to the soft plastic containers which protect his summer squash as it’s being picked. Richard does things a little differently, a little better than the average grower. You can see and taste that difference in everything he grows.

Red Tomato is proud to bring you the delicious produce of Pleasant Valley Gardens and Richard Bonanno. A man who brought home a great deal more than he left with.