Apples are one of our most beloved fruits — we savor them fresh in hand, in all manner of baked goods, salads, sauces, and juice.

The apple pie is a signature American icon, and the cheery red apple a gesture of thanks and favor for teachers, parents and kids alike.

Red Tomato apples are grown by some of the most experienced and conscientious fruit growers in the Northeast. They are part of the pioneering Eco Apple™ program, developed by Red Tomato in collaboration with a network of orchards, scientists, and other advisers. Eco Apple represents one of the highest standards of ecological orchard management, using advanced Integrated Pest Management practices that rely on careful monitoring and minimal spraying. Annual certification by the IPM Institute of North America ensures that apples marketed under the Eco Apple label are good for the land and good for you.

How Does It Grow?  Here’s the story:

The original apple trees grew in the rugged mountains of central Asia, in part of what is now Kazakhstan; their popularity and versatility have helped to spread them all around the world, with diverse strains thriving in many regions. Apple enthusiasts and researchers have developed many new varieties, and dedicated orchardists have kept many old heirlooms available. Although only a handful of varieties are common in stores these days, there are hundreds of wonderful apples to choose from, including many that were first grown, and show off their best flavor, in the climate and terrain of the Northeast.

Trust the farmer. Know the orchard. LOVE the fruit.


Eco Apple logo Red Tomato


Store apples in the refrigerator – please! A lovely bowl on the table is nice for decoration or to remind you how tasty they are, but it is tough on these fruits that love to be cool and moist.

Keep in the crisper for humidity; some suggest putting them in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel. If you have an old-fashioned cool-room, root cellar, or cold basement, that’s good too. Apples will keep for several weeks, or months depending on the variety.