Bok Choy

Competing with chickens for the best “bok”.

Chickens are not the only ones that “bok” on farms! While bok choy, or Chinese broccoli, has always been a popular ingredient in Asian stir-fries and soups, it has only entered the Western food markets recently. Its leafy greens and slender white stalks resemble celery but it is actually a relative of the cabbage family. Its stalks are also edible and taste subtly sweet and fibrous. Bok choy also provides several health benefits, such as antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and folate. Keep an eye out for baby bok choy, which looks like a miniature version of regular bok choy, both are offered by Red Tomato. Best of all, bok choy cooks quickly and can be served separately as a side dish with a bit of soy sauce or mixed in with other vegetables, such as eggplant, to create a delicious stir fry or hearty soup.


Purchase fresh bok choy with firm stalks and vibrant, intact leaves. Refrigerate unwashed bok choy in a plastic bag for up to two days.