Cabbage – Green, Red, Napa

Red and green flavorful bundles of joy!

Cabbage is an often underappreciated member of the brassica family. Many people abstain from it after one too many servings of coleslaw containing more mayonnaise than cabbage. However, its high content of vitamin K and C should be enough incentive to give it another shot. Whether you are eating purple, green, white or savoy cabbage, it is delicious cooked, pickled, and raw. Its enormous leaves cluster together to create the cabbage “head”, which resembles the shape of a human head. The individual leaves taste delicious when added to soups or salads. In the United States cabbage is most commonly served raw, finely chopped, or shredded in salads and coleslaws. Another option is to pickle cabbage in vinegar to soften the leaves and mask its bitter and waxy texture. If you must stay away from cabbage in any salad or slaw form, try coring the cabbage, stuffing it with bacon and onions, and throwing it on the grill!


Purchase firm and crisp looking cabbage. Avoid heads with browning or limp leaves. Tightly wrap cabbage in plastic and store in the refrigerator for up to one week.