Much more than a base for “Ants on a Log”!

Used in dishes around the Mediterranean dating back as early as 1000 BC, celery is a plant high in fiber, nutrients and antioxidants while low in calories. Celery is beneficial to your blood pressure–it contains a compound  that is beneficial to your blood pressure, and high in blood pressure. Celery adds great texture to salads and works well in soups, and homemade stocks. Juice celery for the perfect after-workout drink, as it is high in electrolytes potassium and sodium.

From the early 1800’s to the mid 1900’s celery was considered a staple of the Thanksgiving meal. Much of the popularity is attributed to the buzz that accompanied the plants arrival to the United States, and the fact that celery was to be eaten raw – something once considered a special treat!

Celery is also featured in an episode by the show Portlandia as a humble vegetable losing its relevance. Steve Buscemi plays a desperate celery salesman willing to make deals with the “Bacon Man” to help celery get back on top!

Portlandia’s “The Celery Incident”



To keep celery crisp for over two weeks, keep it at its ideal humidity. Fresh celery contains just the right amount of water; wrap it in paper towel and keep it in a plastic bag in your fridge. The plastic bag will help contain its humidity while the paper towel will prevent too much moisture, which can result in rot. Don’t store your celery stalks upright in water for extended periods of time as they will become bloated and then limp, losing their crisp.