Embrace the challenge

When thinking about okra one typically envisions southern cooking, and doesn’t picture okra thriving in New England. However, with gaining popularity more and more are embracing the delicious addition to many dishes. Its characteristic juices can give it a gummy, almost slimy texture, which can cause serious trepidation for the okra novice. We understand, but the flavor should not be overlooked! Okra can be somewhat sweet, rumored to remind people of a mix between eggplant and asparagus. It is most common to encounter okra in southern classics such as gumbo, but its uses are wide ranging. Okra does not take long to cook; it can be steamed in 3 minutes or braised to release more of its characteristic gummy juice (used to thicken and add flavor to gumbo). When purchasing okra, look for the freshest you can find – a crisp clean snap is a good indicator. Avoid those that are dry or limp.


Okra can be stored for a few days in the crisper, but should be used as quickly as possible!