Spicing things up since the Ancient Greece.

Radishes grow in all colors and sizes. The most common radishes are small bright red fireballs that pack a strong punch of spice! There is also a less common winter black variety, which is larger and shaped like a light bulb. Radishes are root vegetables and members of the Brassica family. Their flavor is a mixture between mustard greens and jicama. In every crisp bite you can also detect subtle earthy notes, which remind you that these spicy spheres develop underground! Radishes are a cool weather crop and are easy to cultivate in most climates. Considering that societies have eaten radishes since Ancient Greece, our methods of preparation remain astonishingly simple. Radishes are usually eaten in raw slivers or whole dipped in honey, but they can also be steamed, pickled, roasted or sautéed. This versatile vegetable complements refreshing salads and robust roasts. Best of all, instead of sipping on imported orange juice when you feel a cold coming on, chomp down on some radishes for your vitamin C fix!


Purchase bright, firm, and blemish and crack free radishes. It is preferable to buy radishes with their tops attached, and they too should look crisp and fresh. At home, remove the tops, place in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.