Squash – Ornamental

Lookin’ good, squash.

Sometimes (OK, almost all of the time) we buy fresh produce because we want to eat it. But on occasion we should let ourselves pick up a vegetable just because it looks nice. In the Northeast, the right time of year for that splurge is autumn, with the leaves changing and the harvest peaking. Yes, it’s Norman Rockwell-y, but nothing says fall like an assortment of ornamental squash on your kitchen table.

Most ornamental squash is indeed edible, as long as you don’t let it sit around too long. Luckily, like all Righteous Produce, our ornamental squash are delivered to retail locations within days of harvest, leaving you with enough time to enjoy their aesthetic appeal before testing their culinary appeal. Don’t try to eat those bumpy gourds though—they can be quite bitter.

Below are some of the varieties we typically offer:


Sugar Pumpkins

Pumpkins: You know what a pumpkin is, don’t you? The smaller ones, called sugar or pie pumpkins, have better flesh for eating, but even the big ones are great for their seeds.


Wee B. Little, Jack B. Little

Wee B. Little: About the size of a baseball with bright orange skin and slight ribbing.

Jack B. Little: A squat, ribbed, deep-orange pumpkin that will fit in your palm.




Baby Boo, Casperita

Baby Boo: A ghostly white miniature pumpkin that is squat and deeply ribbed.

Casperita: White with a classic pumpkin shape and a green stem. Casperitas have a sweet, slightly-orange flesh that tastes like acorn squash.

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Lunch Lady Gourd

Lunch Lady Gourd: Large gourds with hard shells and a derogatory variety name, these squash come in a range of colors and often have a warty appearance.