Tangerines – Ojai Pixies

Sweet and seedless, Ojai Pixies are just the flavor explosion you’ve been looking for to brighten up your winter.

In the peak of winter, when fresh and local can be hard to come by, Red Tomato has teamed up with a network of 40+ family farmers in the Ojai Valley of California to find new markets for their uniquely sweet, seedless, and darn tasty Ojai Pixie tangerines. Pixies, a variety rarely seen on the East coast, were recently named to Slow Foods Ark of Taste catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of extinction. Always seedless and easy to peel, Ojai Pixies are picked at the peak of ripeness, which makes them stand out for their complex citrus flavor and mouthwatering sweetness.

For more information on the Ojai Pixies and the farmers who grow them, please visit their website.


Choose firm to semi-soft tangerines with deep orange color, heavy for size. Avoid soft spots and dull or brown color. Refrigerate tangerines for up to 2 weeks.