Tomatoes – Heirloom

If you’ve ever felt that tomatoes have lost their magic, try calling out for a Wild Sweetie, Gardener’s Delight, Broad Ripple Yellow Currant, Eva Purple Ball or Djena Lee’s Golden Girl to awaken your senses. These fine ambassadors of the heirloom tomato dynasty will catch your eye with their astonishing colors, shapes and sizes — each one entirely unique. Beyond the visual riot, heirloom tomatoes offer your taste buds pure perfection. Each bite of an heirloom unveils layer upon layer of flavor — summer sweet or rich earthiness — that will always leave you wanting more. Growing heirloom tomatoes in such a way to ensure each variety lives up to its potential takes the loving care of an experienced farmer, like Jim Ward of Ward’s Berry Farm.




PLEASE! Don’t put those juicy, delicate things in the refrigerator. Tomatoes keep best stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and away from fruits like apples. Ripe tomatoes will keep for several days. Refrigeration kills the flavor and stops the ripening process. If they are picked before ripe, set them on a windowsill or wrap them in newspaper and leave in a cool spot for a few days—the flavor won’t be as exquisite as vine-ripened, but it’s a good way to stretch the life of those last few jewels you want to pick before the first frost. Our tomato motto: Eat them fresh, and eat them often.