Tomatoes – Our namesake! The vegetable that’s really a fruit. This familiar, delectable member of the nightshade family comes in all sizes, shapes and colors, and a surprising range of flavors from spicy to sweet.

It’s full of antioxidants (good for you all over); lycopene (good for your heart and eyes); and rich in vitamins A and C.  But who needs vitamins as a reason to eat something this mouthwatering and delicious, especially fresh from the summer garden (or field, in our case)!

We want to bring flavor back to retail tomatoes. Working with our expert tomato growers and regional scientists, Red Tomato launched a line of premium field tomatoes that rivals the flavor of good garden-grown tomatoes and commercial tomatoes before flavor was bred out of them.

Certified organic Red Tomato tomatoes may be available at your local retailer.


PLEASE! Don’t put those juicy, delicate things in the refrigerator. Tomatoes keep best stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and away from fruits like apples. Ripe tomatoes will keep for several days. Refrigeration kills the flavor and stops the ripening process. If they are picked before ripe, set them on a windowsill or wrap them in newspaper and leave in a cool spot for a few days—the flavor won’t be as exquisite as vine-ripened, but it’s a good way to stretch the life of those last few jewels you want to pick before the first frost. Our Tomato motto: Eat them fresh, and eat them often.