Turnips – Purple Top

A delicious way to “turn up” the flavor in your stews and roasts.

People have been cultivating and consuming turnips long before the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids. Turnips are a dense, root vegetable with a tough exterior and soft white interior. As a member of the brassica family, this vegetable is packed with vitamin C.

Turnips are sweetest and most crisp in the fall and spring. Unfortunately, turnips get a bad reputation as bitter and tough because many people only incorporate them into meals when they remember that their turnips are sitting idly in the produce drawer of the fridge. This practice does not do the turnip justice. These mild roots are delicious and can be prepared in several different ways. Turnips can be steamed and mashed up with butter to create a delicious puree, or thinly sliced, doused in salt and olive oil, and baked for a delicious turnip chip. They also complement any roast or stew when coarsely chopped or quartered.


Ideally purchase turnips that still have greens attached. They should feel firm and appear blemish-free. Refrigerate turnips in a plastic bag and consume within four days of purchase.