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The Good Food Movement in the Face of Consolidation

When we let Blood, Guts and Truth from Red Tomato into the wild, I had no idea what would happen. In writing it, I struggled with the tone and level of detail– trying to balance facts, history and emotion was a challenge. I might say hitting send was the most nerve-wracking moment of my professional… Read more »

Blood, Guts and Truth from Red Tomato

On August 29th, after 13 years of supplying their regional apple program, Red Tomato received notice from our largest customer that they would be sourcing 4 of 5 apple varieties elsewhere. The harvest was underway. Shipping and warehousing contracts were in place. More than $100,000 of custom packaging sat in inventory. The news came in… Read more »

5 Questions About the National Farm to School Network

Laura, our Executive Director was recently named to the Advisory Board of the National Farm to School Network. We paused for 5 questions to learn more about the Networks work and how Luara and Red Tomato can contribute! 1. What does the National Farm to School Network do? The National Farm to School Network increases… Read more »

Farmworker Partnerships in the Northeast – a Red Tomato and Equitable Food Initiative Pilot Launching this Spring

“A good crew is the best insurance you can have” says vegetable grower Wally Czajkowski of Plainville Farm in Hadley, MA, a sentiment likely shared by all the growers in the Red Tomato network. The knowledge, skill, health, and well-being of a farm’s crew is integrally linked with the economic well-being of the farm as… Read more »

2016 Year End Reflections

As the days get shorter and our layers more numerous, the change of season helps us all look up from the day to day and reflect. We celebrate the harvest. And we prepare the soil for rest and rejuvenation. Parents often live by the mantra “the days are long but the years are short,” reminding us… Read more »

Riding the Zucchini Rollercoaster

If you grew up in rural New England like I did, you pretty much only lock your car doors during zucchini season. If you don’t, you risk an unannounced delivery of squash from your neighbor who is too torn to toss or compost their inevitable bumper crop. Zucchini is about as commodity as vegetables come…. Read more »

Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet

Believe it or not, winter is a busy season at Red Tomato. We have LOTS of meetings. It often takes the full creative power of our team to work through the growing pains of the season’s past and forge a way forward that honors both grower and customer satisfaction. Product is still flowing – like… Read more »

New York Times Interviews Red Tomato for piece on Food Hubs

Start-Ups Rise to Close a Gap for Farmers by Stephanie Strom, New York Times. December 30th, 2014. “In spite of the surging demand for locally and regionally grown foods over the last few years, there is a chasm separating small and midsize farmers from their local markets. But a growing number of small businesses are… Read more »