Eco Peach

If the juice isn’t dripping down your chin, you aren’t eating tree-ripened local peaches from an Eco orchard! One of the Northeast’s best-kept secrets is the exceptional micro-climate for growing peaches in the Connecticut River valley.The growers in our Eco Peach network know just when to pick peaches so they are perfect to eat. They also are pioneers in using progressive, ecology-based practices to grow high-quality stone fruit– peaches, apricots, nectarines, and plums—that is better for you, for the orchard and for the planet.

Look for the ‘punnet’

eco peach punnet

Peaches come in a variety of containers, but only Eco peaches come in the ‘punnet’. Keep an eye out for them at your favorite local grocery store, or at each individual farm!

Local peaches are available from July through August and are one of natures truly delicious treats.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Peach

  • Color first! Smell isn’t always the best indicator; look for those with the most red/orange. Leafs might block sunlight from coloring fully, but any green and it’s a sign it was picked to early.
  • Give em a Squeez (gently!) If the shoulder (where the stem is/was) has any give; they’re good to go!
  • Store stem side down. Storing them at room temperature, stem side down (same for tomatoes!) will promote proper ripening. If you’re like us and bought too many and they’re all getting ripe before you can eat them, they’ll last a few more days in the fridge!

What Is Eco?

Eco practices promote soil and tree health, nurture pollinators, and protect biodiversity. Similar to organic, Eco orchards focus on minimizing the use of pesticides and other harsh chemicals, instead focusing on orchard management and beneficial insects! Orchards are certified annually by the IPM Institute of America and production protocols are reviewed each year by scientists and fruit growers to stay current with best practices and new research.

All of Red Tomato’s peach growers participate in the Eco Peach program, but not all orchards are certified every year. Orchards certified this season are shown to the right. Only fruit from certified orchards is sold under the Eco label.

Find a store near you to ask about Eco Peaches from Red Tomato!