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Analysis shows Environmental Impact of EcoApple® Orchards

Elly Vaughan Phoenix Fruit Farm

Sixteen Northeast orchards representing 1439 acres of fruit are successfully certified Eco Apple® for 2017. Several of the orchards have now been certified Eco for ten years or more, with additional orchards joining over the past decade. Phoenix Fruit Farm of Belchertown, MA, under the leadership of new owner Elly Vaughan, is certified for the… Read more »

Eco Apple Featured in Fruit Growers News

Eco Apple, a program of Red Tomato, was featured in the December 2016 edition of the Fruit Growers News. Program seeks to reward ecological practices More than a dozen apple growers in the Northeast are using a third-party certification program called Eco Apple. Not as strict as organic certification, it’s a way for the growers… Read more »

Red Tomato Receives 2016 Whole Foods Supplier of the Year Global V.P. Integrity

whole foods supplier awards

Red Tomato, a nonprofit marketer of fresh produce for a network of Northeast family farms, has been named a Whole Foods Market Supplier of the Year. The organization received the Global V.P. Integrity Award, as part of the retailer’s annual commitment to recognize and celebrate the company’s partners who best embody its mission and core values. Red Tomato was… Read more »

How to Solve the Declining Bee Population

by Sue Futrell & Gideon Burdick Everyone wants to save the bees! And for good reason; they are one of the most beneficial of beneficial insects, and they are in danger. In the United States beekeepers lost 40 percent of their honeybee colonies last year, and in the Netherlands the population of wild bees has… Read more »

Eco Fruit Rocks! New Animated Video from Red Tomato

If you’ve ever tried finding local, sustainably produced fruit at the grocery store, you know it can be a daunting task. Especially if you live in parts of the country with challenging climate and pest issues, like the Northeast! You often have to decide: Do I want sustainable or do I want something grown closer… Read more »

More on IPM – It’s common sense!

IPM, integrated pest management, is tricky. There is no doubt about it – everyone wants a short line to explain it to people and there just isn’t one. From a non-farmer perspective, though, the more I learn, the simpler it gets. Here’s a little narrative on my latest revelation: Last week, Michelle Chambers, John Lyman,… Read more »

Braving the snow to Alyson’s Orchard

Michael mentioned the most controversial conversation at our first annual growers meeting (and an interesting one it was!) but there is a lot more to be said about that meeting. First of all, 18 growers, 7 scientists, 11 staffers, and a handful of friends, volunteers and RT enthusiasts braved a fairly serious snow storm to… Read more »

Sharing a Red Tomato moment with Grandma

Laura discusses a recent trip to Trader Joes: Like many non-profit staffers, I sometimes have a hard time explaining what I do. I often use short hand like “I write articles that teach people about where their food comes from.” Or “I help family farmers.” Many people are hip to the buzz about local food… Read more »