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Farmworker Partnerships in the Northeast – a Red Tomato and Equitable Food Initiative Pilot Launching this Spring

“A good crew is the best insurance you can have” says vegetable grower Wally Czajkowski of Plainville Farm in Hadley, MA, a sentiment likely shared by all the growers in the Red Tomato network. The knowledge, skill, health, and well-being of a farm’s crew is integrally linked with the economic well-being of the farm as… Read more »

Farm Labor Increasingly on My Mind

Michael ponders a difficult issue: The most dynamic discussion at Red Tomato’s Core Grower Meeting last week was about farm labor.  Many RT growers rely on a government-regulated guestworker program for agriculture known as H-2A for much or all of their seasonal farm labor. These workers come from Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand. And without them, there might not… Read more »