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Analysis shows Environmental Impact of EcoApple® Orchards

Elly Vaughan Phoenix Fruit Farm

Sixteen Northeast orchards representing 1439 acres of fruit are successfully certified Eco Apple® for 2017. Several of the orchards have now been certified Eco for ten years or more, with additional orchards joining over the past decade. Phoenix Fruit Farm of Belchertown, MA, under the leadership of new owner Elly Vaughan, is certified for the… Read more »

Announcing the Food Narrative Project

For nineteen years, we’ve told ourselves that Red Tomato, a small nonprofit with nine employees, is too small to have much impact on the national public conversation around local and sustainable food. We’re too small; our resources are too few. We emerged from our five year planning process this winter with a revised view: yes,… Read more »

Reflecting on rain

Ruminating after a wet week Rain is good. Most of the time. In fact, it seems to have something to do with plants growing in springtime, etc. There’s always one guy in the locker room at the Y who moans on about the lost beach day or the rained-out golf game. But most people get the… Read more »