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What it takes to bring Northeast Apples to Market

Here in the Northeast, where centuries-old orchards still dot the countryside, we’re eating some of the best apples grown anywhere in the world. Apple growers—with astounding fortitude and a tolerance for risk that rivals the most adventurous stock-market gambler — face a dazzling array of challenges, both natural and human-inflicted. Voracious pests love apples as… Read more »

The Disappearing East Coast Apple

local apples on display

Walking through the produce section of a grocery store in the Northeast in the past month and you’re likely to have noticed something strange. Despite a good harvest and plenty of supply, Macoun, McIntosh, Empire, Gala, Pink Lady, and Evercrisp apples from the Northeast are difficult, if not impossible to find, having all but disappeared… Read more »

When An Heirloom Tomato Hits a Wall…

  …it splatters, unlike the hard pink winter tomatoes from Florida and Mexico that I have played baseball with, literally. Heirloom tomatoes started showing up at farmer’s markets as a response to the flavorless supermarket tomato. Heirlooms are now widespread. The challenge Red Tomato faced in 2005 was getting heirloom tomatoes to supermarket shelves. But… Read more »

In Defense of the Bigger Picture – What the Whole Foods Rating System Can Really Tell Us.

Just as there are thousands of farmers, there are thousands of ways to farm. The small and mid-sized family farms that are competing against multimillion dollar companies are balancing the health of their fields, employees, and consumers, all while having to compete in an ever industrialized food system. While it is reported that 97% of… Read more »

Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet

Believe it or not, winter is a busy season at Red Tomato. We have LOTS of meetings. It often takes the full creative power of our team to work through the growing pains of the season’s past and forge a way forward that honors both grower and customer satisfaction. Product is still flowing – like… Read more »

Red Tomato Thoughts on the Whole Foods Produce Rating Launch

By Sue Futrell Media commenters from both the conventional produce industry and environmental advocates have been quick to pounce on the new Whole Foods Produce Ratings, announced this week. The rating system, called Responsibly Grown, sorts fresh produce and floral into Unrated, Good, Better and Best categories, in hopes of setting a higher bar for growing practices by… Read more »

5 Good Apples Make an Apple a Day

In the wake of our great news about the 100% organophosphate-free Eco Apple crop for 2010, we are all the more excited to introduce a brand new product: 5 Good Apples.  Starting this week, only at Whole Foods, fans of local, ecologically grown apples will be able to buy this budget friendly pack, designed to… Read more »